Congressman Frank Pallone On Sports Betting

Even though it is starting to look as if New Jersey is going to have their appeal to legalize sports betting denied, New Jersey representative Frank Pallone will not stop pushing for it until the decision is final. ESPN reported that Pallone wrote a letter to the US Solicitor General Jeff Wall, asking that he tell the US Supreme Court to take up the sports betting case in New Jersey.

New Jersey is currently fighting against some major pro sports leagues and the NCAA, who are arguing that New Jersey is breaking the federal law of PASPA, which is the federal prohibition on single game sports wagering. The decision for whether or not the Supreme Court will take the case should be very soon. Once that happens, if SCOTUS (The Supreme Court of The United States) decides to take the case, the proceedings could begin as early as June.

Pallone Explains the Sports Betting Case

Pallone released a press release to explain the New Jersey sports betting case saying: “This case is about whether the Third Circuit accorded sufficient room to the State of New Jersey to effectuate the will of its citizens under New Jersey’s state Constitution, laws, and sovereign powers under the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution,” Went on to say “Without the Supreme court’s review and a decision on this appeal, these areas of disagreement and conflict will inevitably grow and lead to more confusion. After all, the question of how a state authorizes sports gambling by law or compact without violating PASPA remains extremely hazy.”

Pallone was very adamant that the state of New Jersey and fellow petitioners feel as though PASPA is unlawful and have thought that all along. This is because they are using the law to disallow the state of New Jersey from permitting sports gambling acts that fall within the New Jersey State Laws and it’s Constitution.

“New Jersey should have the same opportunity to proceed with sports betting that has been allowed in other states,” He then said, “The Third Circuit’s decisions have usurped the power of New Jerseyans and the State of New Jersey to share in the considerable profits from sports betting.”

Even though it is not allowed in just about every state, online sports gambling is available anywhere. In fact, there is about $400 billion spent a year on sports gambling in the United States and just about all of that is through outlets that are technically “illegal”.

New Jersey’s Next Step

If the Solicitor General does help the cause and recommend that the Supreme Court take the case, it’s likely they will listen, though again it is unlikely. That doesn’t end hope though as the Supreme Court could decide to take the case without the SG’s recommendation.

On the likely chance that this is the end of the road for their argument to legalize sports betting in New Jersey, then New Jersey’s next step is to shift their focus to fantasy sports in NJ. Though, their main focus is still to get regulated sports gambling in New Jersey.

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