Is Sports Betting Legal In New Jersey

If you've been following the news in New Jersey lately concerning sports betting, you would be forgiven for thinking that if you've been considering picking it up as a hobby that you are fresh out of luck. Fortunately, this is not necessarily the case. Whether you live and die for the New York Jets or have a burning passion for the New York Football Giants, there are ways to place bets and wagers online for all of your favorite sporting events. The first thing New Jersey residents will understandably ask is how betting on sports could possibly be legal, given the drawn-out public battle it's been to get land-based sportsbooks up and running in Atlantic City.

The first and foremost thing to remember when talking about sports betting in New Jersey is that it's not illegal to participate by placing bets and wagers because the Supreme Court nullified the federal PASPA ban in May 2018. Even despite that, there is no law in any state that prohibits would-be bettors from wagering on any sports events. Though it’s now legal for land-based and online sportsbooks to operate in NJ, it was never a crime to bet, even with unlicensed books, as all the state and federal laws only pertain to bookmaking, not betting. No laws have ever been written or interpreted by any court to forbid a player from placing a bet in New Jersey on any sports contest. The same goes for offshore books, too: Using these sites is 100% legal, safe, and secure.

Land-Based Sports Betting in New Jersey:

Now that we know and have established that it's legal to bet on sports in NJ, the next logical step is figuring out how and where it can be done. Obviously, Atlantic City is the best place to place sports bets if you’re after a land-based option, but you can also bet at Monmouth Park and The Meadowlands (which is the most popular brick-and-mortar sportsbook in the state). Still, for many sports fans, land-based betting is not necessarily ideal or even much fun. That’s where online betting comes in!

Legal Online Sports Betting in New Jersey:

Fortunately, there are many online sportsbooks that NJ bettors can access – both state-licensed and based overseas at offshore sites. The former are widely available, but they have the problem of being too loaded on the boards in favor of the home team. If you want to place a Yankees bet at a state-licensed NJ sportsbook, for example, you’re going to get expensive lines to compensate for the skew in hometown action. However, this isn’t true for foreign-based sportsbooks. These online sportsbooks are not limited to NJ bettors only, as their membership expands to the entire country. This means that bettors from all over all play the same odds, which keeps the action more balanced and lets these books give you more valuable lines. And really, that’s the best thing about offshore NJ sportsbooks: they offer lower risks and higher rewards than state-based solutions.

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What's The Bottom Line? Will I Get In Trouble For Betting On Sports?

New Jersey may already be famous to thrill seekers for its casinos, and that goes double now their land-based and state-licensed online sportsbooks are up and running. Of course, you aren’t limited to these options, as engaging as they may be. In addition to such state-sanctioned sports betting products and services, you can use offshore books that operate out of different countries. The benefits to using these online books are that they’re safe, legal, and offer more valuable lines as a matter of course when compared against state-based books. There’s no question that New Jersey fans are passionate about their sports and sports betting, and now they have more options than ever. In NJ, you no longer have to be afraid to let your passion show. Think your beloved Knicks are playoff bound? Go and place your bets!