2017 NFL Draft Betting Odds

Before day one of the 2017 NFL draft, BetOnline sportsbook posted several betting lines on potential outcomes of the first round. Now that the first round has been completed, we are going to go back and take a look at which 2017 day one NFL betting lines the oddsmakers had right and which lines were posted that players won some money on.

2017 NFL Draft First Round Betting Results

BetOnline’s NFL draft odds for the first QB taken had Mitchell Trubisky as the favorite at -250. After a shocking trade that saw the Chicago Bears trade everything but the kitchen sink to move up one spot with the 49ers, the Bears drafted Trubisky with the second overall selection in the draft. Though he was not expected to go that high, he was largely considered the top QB in the draft. So the oddsmakers got that one technically right. They also had favorable odds for the SEC producing more than 10 first round picks, and the number of QB’s taken in the first. Both of which happened as the SEC had a whopping 12 first round selections and there were three QB’s taken in the first as well.

While the oddsmakers at BetOnline did get a few outcomes correct, there were also some betting lines that players likely won good money on too. One line, in particular, was the number of running backs taken in the first round. BetOnline had the line at -300 for more than 2.5 backs, and at +240 for the under. Just two ended up going as Leonard Fournette was taken fourth overall by the Jags and Christian McCaffrey was taken eighth overall by the Panthers. Dalvin Cook surprisingly fell out of the first round while Joe Mixon did as well, though he was expected. You also might have won yourself some money if you had bet on Deshaun Watson’s draft position. The over under on Watson going 12th or sooner were at -140 while anything over was at +110. Well, Deshaun Watson ended up going 13th overall to the Houston Texans, after being passed over twice by the likes of the Bears who took Trubisky and the Chiefs who traded up 17 spots to nab Patrick Mahomes out of Texas Tech.

2017 NFL Draft Day 2 Betting Lines

Some notable 2017 NFL draft day 2 betting lines to keep an eye on at BetOnline include Dalvin Cook and Joe Mixon’s landing spots, as well as who the first pick of the second round is going to be. Dalvin Cook’s projection is currently at +100 at over the 38th pick and -130 for the under. This can be significant because the only team that needs running back help from 33 to 38 is the Packers, who have the first pick of the second round. If they don’t take him then barring a trade up from another RB needy team, those sports betting in New Jersey who bet the over will be sitting pretty. Mixon is -105 for over the 41st pick and -125 for the under so not much difference in where you bet there. The odds for who the first pick of the second round will be are interesting because it actually has “The Field” as the favorite at -140 over guys who were projected to go in the first round that fell like Cook, Mixon, Kevin King, and Chidobe Awuzie. If the Packers keep that pick, those names should be the top options on their board as they need help at both RB and the cornerback position. Round one was as entertaining as it possibly could have been so let’s hope for the same kind of fireworks for day two in rounds 2 and 3.

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