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If you live in New Jersey and wager on sporting events, chances are you’ve heard of the SportsBetting sportsbook available online. This book was around long before PASPA was overturned and land-based sports betting in New Jersey was finally made legal, and even now, the majority of bettors in the Garden State use SportsBetting on a regular basis. Of course, now, in addition to SportsBetting, those living in NJ have plenty of options for how to bet on sports. You can go to an Atlantic City casino to place your bets, you can go to a state-based racetrack like The Meadowlands (home to the amazing FanDuel sportsbook), or you can bet online at any of more than a dozen state-licensed Internet-based sportsbooks.

However, despite these options, most NJ bettors are logistically limited to the Internet for placing their wagers (primarily due to the convenience factor). State-based books, though, will always have expensive betting lines on home teams and regional clubs thanks to the increased in-state fan presence. To get fair odds and to maximize your bankroll, then, you should consider using an offshore sportsbook like SportsBetting. Our review of SportsBetting will show you everything you need to know about how to sign up, deposit, and wager with this value-packed offshore sports betting site. Best of all, SportsBetting has been serving New Jersey sports bettors for almost two decades, and the site boasts over 100,000 active members from the Garden State alone.

Is Sports Betting Legal In New Jersey?

SportsBetting.agYes! Thanks to the overturn of the federal PASPA ban in May 2018, New Jersey sportsbooks are finally able to bring bets to residents and visitors in New Jersey. Every Atlantic City casino has an active sportsbook, and you can also wager at horse tracks in the state. Further, domestic state-licensed sports betting is available online and via mobile iPhone and Android apps.

Sports betting was formally legalized in New Jersey prior to the PASPA ban, which is what led to the Supreme Court challenge that ultimately got the law thrown out. However, even though NJ now allows the full gamut of sports betting within its borders, the state did not address the legality of residents using offshore sports betting sites. That is, the state did not make it a legal problem for you to use SportsBetting or any other overseas sports betting website when gambling for real money. As a result, NJ bettors now have all the new in-state options they can handle, and they also have the offshore books they’ve been using for years. It’s a win-win!

What Is The Gambling Age, And Is It Safe To Use

The first thing to consider is the user’s age. In order to be a member of SportsBetting’s sportsbook and online casino, all players must be the legal age of 21 for the state of New Jersey. It is not safe to allow an account to be used by minors, and accounts stand to be banned and forfeit all their funds if minors use them. SportsBetting maintains a trustworthy relationship with gaming commissions to continually provide a safe and excellent online experience. The site doesn’t hesitate to report, ban, and remove any account that violates its terms and conditions.

Online sports betting sites like SportsBetting offer a safe, tried-and-true way to place bets on any competitions when you live in New Jersey. While the Wire Act of 1961 made it a crime for sportsbooks to accept wagers across state lines, this law applies only to domestically operating US bookmakers. US federal law – like NJ state law – has no jurisdiction over foreign markets, which is why it has always been safe and 100% legal to use sits like SportsBetting. With nearly two decades of experience serving over 100,000 active NJ bettors, SportsBetting customers in the Garden State have never gotten into any legal hot water for using the site’s services.

How Do I Sign Up At SportsBetting?

SportsBetting delivers all the best sports betting in New Jersey, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up. There’s always more value on every chip played with SportsBetting compared to in-state books, and getting started is easy. Click the large “Join Now” button on the front page to go straight to the registration page. Enter in a few pieces of personal information like your email address and phone number, and that’s pretty much it. The email address you use here will be needed for payout verification, so you don’t want any mistakes – use a real address! After that, SportsBetting will store your information confidentially and securely. Then, just verify the confirmation email to instantly launch your account, make a credit/debit or cryptocurrency deposit, and place your bets!

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Is My Money Secure At SportsBetting?

Players join SportsBetting because it is one of the largest and most trusted sports betting sites on the Internet, so bettors know that their information and money is protected and kept secure. SportsBetting’s networks have state-of-the-art security protocols installed, and their financial information is sent electronically and is always verified by third-party affiliates when necessary (i.e. unless you use decentralized currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.). Best of all, there are customer service reps standing by to assist you in any way you require, and you can even make secure transactions over the phone.

What Methods Can I Use To Fund My Sports Betting Account?

Sports betting in New Jersey with online services can be funded using a lot of different methods. There’s a reason that SportsBetting accepts multiple forms of deposit. Back in 2006, the federal government of the United States didn’t approve of financial institutions making payments directly to online gambling operations. So in order to put the kibosh on these gray-area banking practices, the government passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). This mandate added a legal prohibition to domestic US financial institutions to keep them from knowingly making payments facilitating bets and wagers. However, the UIGEA affects only the banking and financial side of online gambling, and it doesn’t prohibit the player from making a bet or wager in any way. It is a mere inconvenience at most, as it can infrequently cause your credit or debit card payment to be declined.

Of course, SportsBetting is known for having the most banking options of any offshore sportsbook. They accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit and debit cards, international Visa and Mastercard gift cards and prepaid cards, money orders, bank wires, cashier’s checks, and more. They also take a variety of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and DASH, with new cryptos added to the list all the time. Essentially, if you have money, you can get it to SportsBetting to fund your account in a safe, legal, and timely manner.

Are There Bonuses for New Jersey Sports Bettors At SportsBetting?

You’ll find more bonuses for legal sports betting in New Jersey at SportsBetting than you will at almost any other website, whether foreign or domestic. SportsBetting wants to get its players started with the largest bankrolls so they can play on the site for years to come. SportsBetting also wants all of its new players to be winners right at the start, so one of their perks is a risk-free wager: If your first bet isn’t a winner, you can get a guaranteed $50 dollars in mobile betting free plays!

For the most part, you won’t find these kinds of bonuses at land-based or online New Jersey-licensed sportsbooks. But at SportsBetting, you can collect on their great referral program, you can get a $1000 Welcome Bonus (promo code “SB1000”), and you can even get lifetime bonuses on every fresh deposit (promo code “FORLIFE”). A local NJ sportsbook might give you a free hamburger or something, but SportsBetting gives you free-plays that you can turn into real money!

What Kind Of Sports Is There For Me To Bet On At

One reason to use SportsBetting for legal sports wagering in New Jersey is their simplified sportsbook. Clicking on the homepage will take you to a fully interactive table that has a full schedule of the day’s events. These games are ordered by their various leagues and start times. Becoming a member of the SportsBetting sportsbook will give you the option to place wagers on all the major leagues across the US and around the world.

Looking over the sportsbook at SportsBetting, you’ll notice that there are many different options for the kinds of wagers you can place. Each league has its own options, obviously, but when it comes to making bets, you’ll generally be able to pick from old standards like straights, spreads, totals, props, and futures. If you’re placing a bet on football, for example, be sure to hedge your moneylines with a spread bet or take a chance at betting on more than one team by trying out a parlay or teaser. With several thousand different bets available each day – plus a fully-featured online casino, poker room, and racebook – SportsBetting is your one-stop shop for gambling and sports wagering in New Jersey.