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The gambling laws in New Jersey do not take a serious anti-gambling stance and allow authorized casinos to operate in Atlantic City. Unfortunately, none of these land-based casinos has the option to offer legal sports betting in New Jersey. While there are prodigious casinos that will offer extensive table and card gaming in Atlantic City, the sports betting can only be found online for the people who live in the state. All four leagues will have legal online options for teams in the NFL, the NBA, the MLB, or NHL.

A great place for someone who is looking for the legal option to place a wager on their favorite NFL teams is This site has the largest sportsbook with more options for players than other leading online books. simplifies the process of placing your bets with an easy 3 step process: click your team, type your amount, click submit, done. In 1991, innovated a new way for players to win fortunes and offer a unique opportunity to millions of players around the world.

Legal sports betting in New Jersey is not only possible, it’s online and easy to start. When someone of legal age logs in, these websites are totally safe to use and we’ll explain why. You should know that the sign up process has never been easier. The various deposit methods are always secure and guarantees the satisfaction of every player. There are lots of varied methods to get extra value on your dollar, and take full advantage of the rewards programs to get your friends to join and place more bets than ever before.

Is Sports Betting Legal In New Jersey?

SportsBetting.agIt’s not possible to walk into any casino in Atlantic City and find a legal sportsbook. That’s because of the federal government. In 1992, PASPA or the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, made it unlawful for land-based casinos to accept a bet or wager on a sports competition unless they are authorized. New Jersey’s state casinos would be violating the law to operate a sportsbook. It’s important to understand that this law is only pertaining to the operating of sportsbooks. These laws do not affect the casual bettor and they have no legal consequences on the player or gamer for placing a bet. When the congressional leaders of the time passed this law, they were dealing with illicit bookmaking and a growing number of organized criminal activity.

The New Jersey State government doesn’t prosecute any players. These sites can offer legal sports betting on sports to the residents of the United States because they aren’t subject to the jurisdiction of this law. These sites operate outside of enforcement because any great legal gambling site is based overseas, and is based out of Panama City, in the Republic of Panama. The gaming commission in their home country regulates the site and allows them to offer sports betting legally to all the citizens of New Jersey and of the United States.

What Is The Gambling Age, And Is It Safe To Use

The first thing to consider is the user’s age. In order to be a member of’s sportsbook and online casino, all players must be the legal age of 21 for the state of New Jersey. It is not safe to allow an account to be used by minors, and accounts stand to be banned and lose all their funds. maintains a trustworthy relationship with gaming commissions to continually provide a safe and excellent online experience. The site doesn’t hesitate to report, ban, and remove any account that violates its terms and conditions.

Online sports betting sites like are the only safe ways to place a bet on any competitions when you live in New Jersey. When any transmission of wagers or information pertaining to bets is received in the US, it violates a law called the Wire Act of 1961. It’s important to realize that this law made it unlawful for illicit and unauthorized organizations to send this over the wire, in this country, and since its inception it has been twisted to include communication sent over the internet. This is against the original design of the law and even then, they had the foresight to protect the average bettor by including an exceptional provision. This allows any casual bettor to place bets and wagers, free of legal consequences. This means anyone using a sports betting site can do it legally.

How Do I Sign Up At SportsBetting? delivers all the best sports betting in New Jersey and it only takes minutes to sign up. There’s always more value on every chip played with, and getting started is easy. Click the large join now button on the front page to go straight to the registration page. Get a few pieces of information together to make sure the information is correct. The address you use here will be needed for payout verification and you don’t want any mistakes. They’ll store your information confidentially and securely. Soon, you’ll be clicking the confirmation email to instantly launch your account and all it took were just a few minutes.

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Is My Money Secure At SportsBetting?

Players join this site because it is one of the largest and most trusted sports betting sites on the internet and they know that their information and money is protected and kept secure. Their networks have modern security protocols installed and their financial information sent electronically is always verified by third party affiliates like the Visa Network, the Discover Network, or other financial networks. There are a number of operators standing by to assist the customer in making a secure transaction over the phone.

What Methods Can I Use To Fund My Sports Betting Account?

Sports betting in New Jersey with online services can be funded using a lot of different methods. There’s a reason that accepts multiple forms of deposit. Back in 1991, the federal government of the United States didn’t approve of financial institutions making payments directly to online gambling operations. So in order to kibosh illegal banking practices, they passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This statute added a legal prohibition to the financial institutions to keep them from making payments on bets and wagers. This affects only the banking and financial side of online gambling, and doesn’t prohibit the player from making a bet or wager in any way.

Not all transactions to gambling websites are unlawful. In fact, that’s why the legal gambling sites offer a variety of options. Usually, you can load your account with as little as $50 dollars using methods like credit / debit cards. These methods are the most convenient and have low fees. Using your Visa or MasterCard, funds will be available to your account instantly. Also it’s totally legal to mail them a deposit in the form of a check or money order. Many websites will even accept electronic currency like bitcoin.

Are There Bonuses for New Jersey Sports Bettors At SportsBetting?

You’ll find more bonuses for legal sports betting in New Jersey on This site wants to get its players started with the largest bankrolls so they can play on the site for years to come. This site wants all of its new players to be winners right at the start and if your first bet isn’t quite a winner, you can get a guaranteed $50 dollars in mobile betting free plays. If you place a bet using the mobile betting app, and its loses will give you a one time reimbursement by emailing and include “$50 mobile Free Play” in the subject line.

You won’t find these kinds of bonuses on casino games and poker rooms at your New Jersey casinos. Walk up to the cage and cash in a dime and you’ll receive exactly what you paid for. Take the extra value of every dollar and put that towards more plays with Save the travel costs and offers its returning players rewards of 25% or more seasonally on every deposit after the initial one. Besides, you can’t take your friends with you to Vegas, but you can collect on fabulous referral programs that give you up to $1000 in bonuses whenever your friends deposit, play, and win.

What Kind Of Sports Is There For Me To Bet On At

One reason to use for legal sports betting in New Jersey is their simplified sportsbook. Clicking on the page will take you to a fully interactive table that has a full schedule of the day’s events. These games are ordered by the time the league and time. Becoming a member with this online sportsbook will give an option to place wagers on all four major leagues across the US and others from around the world.

Looking over the sportsbook, notice that there are many different options on wagers. Each league has its own options when it comes to making bets. If you’re placing a bet on football, be sure to hedge your money lines with a spread bet, or take a chance at betting on more than one team by trying out a parlay or teaser.