Review Of BetOnline

If you’re looking at placing a sports bet in New Jersey, you have lots of state-based options, both at brick-and-mortar casinos and at state-licensed online sportsbooks. However, these aren’t necessarily your best options, as there is a third choice: legal online sportsbooks located overseas. BetOnline is one such site, and they’ve been taking bets from NJ residents for a generation. With more than 150,000 active weekly bettors from the Garden State, BetOnline is one of the best sportsbooks not just in New Jersey, but in the entire United States!

One of the reasons why you should consider opening an account at BetOnline instead of or in addition to a state-based betting account is because BetOnline does not suffer from the “home team curse” that most regional and local sportsbooks carry. See, when you live in New Jersey and bet at NJ-based books, you aren’t going to get the best odds and lines on the home team. That means that clubs in and around New Jersey – like the Yankees, Jets, Giants, and Devils – will carry more expensive odds than they should, regardless of the matchup! This happens thanks to their local fanbases, where most gamblers are picking their favorite teams to win rather than the teams they think have the best chances to win. Because BetOnline takes NJ residents and US bettors from all other 49 states, this hometown favoritism evaporates, saving you money at the odds boards as a matter of course.

Is Sports Betting Legal in New Jersey?

Yes! Sports betting became legal in New Jersey upon the Supreme Court overturn of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992) in May 2018. With no more federal prohibitions in place barring NJ from operating its own sports betting industry, the first sportsbooks popped up just a month later in mid-June. However, even though land-based and domestic (i.e. state-licensed) sportsbooks are 100% legal in NJ, the new laws governing the pastime did not simultaneously bar the use of offshore sportsbook websites like BetOnline.

And that’s a very good thing, because BetOnline often has better odds – and lot more wagers in general – than most NJ-based commercial sportsbook products. While it’s definitely fun to check out a sports betting lounge at an Atlantic City casino or at The Meadowlands, it’s always recommended that you carry a BetOnline account membership as well. This lets you shop lines easily and conveniently, and it simply gives you more choice as a sports bettor. Using legal offshore betting sites like BetOnline is safe, easy, and totally legal, just like wagering with domestic books inside NJ borders.

Is It Safe To Use BetOnline In New Jersey?

BetOnline SportsbookThe safest and best way to enjoy sports betting in New Jersey is through online offshore books like BetOnline. These fantastic alternatives to land-based betting will never get the casual bettor in legal trouble. They are 100% safe to use. To understand why, it’s necessary to understand the federal Interstate Wire Act. This 1961 law was put in place by the government only to prohibit domestic, US-based bookmakers from accepting bets across state lines. The congressional leaders of the US in the 1960s were trying to find an answer to the problems of their times and made a mistake of bad foresight. US lawmakers were effectively looking for a way to stem criminal activity from organized crime syndicates. Their answer was to let the Wire Act eliminate the legal marketplace for sports bets and wagers and any interstate transfer of information regarding such. Unfortunately, all the Wire Act did was prevent legit US books from accepting wagers from well-meaning players, pushing the whole industry underground.

However, sites like BetOnline don’t actually have to comply with the Wire Act, as they operate outside of US jurisdiction. And because the Wire Act only applies to bookies and not individual bettors, it’s completely legal to use these sites to place your wagers. Offshore sportsbooks have been accepting NJ residents – and bettors from all across America – for over two decades, and BetOnline has been a market leader that entire time. With an estimated 150,000 active NJ bettors, BetOnline is clearly a winner, and no NJ bettor – indeed, no US bettor from any state – has ever been arrested, fined, or even hassled by law enforcement for signing up and betting real money on local, national, and international sports. Join BetOnline now, and rest assured that your experience will be safe and first-rate!

Why Should I Join BetOnline And How Do I Sign Up?

BetOnline is a leader among sports betting sites for the number of users and the amount of activity. This is one of the biggest and best gambling sites because their players know that their information is secure and protected. Their users trust them with all their transactions and BetOnline accepts all types of currency. Players get more value with BetOnline, their fantastic rewards programs keep players returning for their free money and more chances to win.

Making your first bets at BetOnline can be done within minutes if you’re not a member. There’s a simple form on the main page that will have you opening your account with just your name, your email, and your birthday. As long as you are 21 or over you will be all set. Click the join now button and BetOnline will send a confirmation email to your inbox. Once you confirm your account by clicking the link, you’ll be all set up to log in for the first time and make a deposit. BetOnline really has the easiest sign up process and it’s totally foolproof.

Is My Money Secure After I Deposit Into BetOnline?

When players make deposits for sports betting in New Jersey, their money is secure because BetOnline has all transactions verified by reputable vendors like the Visa network or the blockchain. They use state-of-the-art technology over secure networks to process all the electronic deposits. BetOnline has always taken each customer’s account seriously, using the utmost security methods. Further, they confirm all credit and debit card deposits, checking your actual identity in order to eliminate any chance of identity theft or fraud. This site has a strong stance on keeping the money of their users secure from fraudulent activity. If there are any concerns, BetOnline operators are ready for phone calls 24/7, and these customer service representatives are standing by for online chat assistance, too. BetOnline delivers great service and can even assist you in making secure deposits by taking your information directly over the phone.

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How Do I Fund My Online Sports Betting Account?

It’s easy to fund your sports betting account at BetOnline. They offer more ways for players to get their accounts reloaded than most sites. It’s just as simple as ordering a pizza: select the cashier link, go to deposit page, and put in your credit/debit card information. Minimum deposit amounts start as low as $50. Depending on the method, you may be able to deposit thousands of dollars at once. Bank wire transfers, money orders, or electronic services allow players more flexibility. Lately, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency options have been taking over among BetOnline members as the number-one deposit method, with the added bonus that crypto deposits also allow you to withdraw your funds in crypto. This means you can get same-day payouts even though BetOnline is located thousands of miles away in a completely different country!

There’s a reason for BetOnline’s flexibility on deposit services. In the early 2000s, the United States government passed a law that had a large impact on the way that gambling websites could do business with financial institutions. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) added restrictions to the type of electronic transfers financial institutions like banks and credit unions could make. This limited the availability but did not eliminate the legal right of citizens to place bets online. Overseas books like BetOnline were quick to find financial workarounds for the UIGEA to guarantee compliance, and now, having a credit or debit transfer rejected by your bank when trying to fund your sports betting account is a rare occurrence.

Are There Bonuses For New Jersey Residents At BetOnline?

If you limit your betting to in-state options in New Jersey, you could spend lots of money to travel to various books in AC and elsewhere to place your bets. But that gets really expensive when betting on your favorite sports every week, and no domestic NJ book actually offers very good bonuses. A casino might comp a drink or two or give you a free appetizer when you spend $500 on the Giants, but that’s peanuts. Fortunately, at BetOnline, there are plenty of promos that will give new and returning players from New Jersey a boatload of real-money bonuses. That’s the simple reason of why there are more incentives for gambling online than going to a land-based option. The value of spending that travel money making real bets with the best chances of winning far outweigh the value of a plane ticket or tank of gas used to get to the state-based sportsbooks that offer only limited books with terrible odds.

But saving money on the process is just one way that BetOnline is superior to local books. BetOnline is also unique in its deposit rewards program, and you won’t find rewards like these anywhere in the United States. BetOnline offers all its returning players a 25% bonus for life for all deposits (promo code: “LIFEBONUS”). It’s not just the experienced players who get all the rewards, though, as the sportsbook welcomes its new bettors with up to $50 dollars in risk-free bets and up to $1000 in welcome bonuses when you make your very first deposit (promo code: “BOL1000”).

Add in BetOnline’s low roll-over requirements, and you’ll be adding that free money to all your chalk picks. But wait, there’s more! Referral programs let you play with your friends and earn hundreds of dollars for their deposits, too! Get free money just for betting with your friends? There isn’t a better deal out there than this one from BetOnline.

What Sports And Leagues Can I Bet On?

Once your account with BetOnline is loaded, click over to the sportsbook for all the sports betting in New Jersey. Placing a wager using their sportsbooks is simple, and there are a vast number of competitions to bet on. The BetOnline sportsbook features all the major American leagues. See the odds and the season schedule for the NFL, the MLB, the NBA, or the NHL, among others. Also, there are sections for making bets on international leagues and sports like cricket, rugby, and soccer, just to name a few.

BetOnline’s sportsbook allows the experienced gambler a chance at big payouts and also offers ways to hedge their bets by featuring many ways to play. There are several different betting options like the point spread, money lines, run lines, or dime lines. You can make props on players and teams, and you can place futures bets on all sorts of upcoming events year-round! There’s always a chance to make some money and have fun at the same time when wagering at BetOnline. Speaking of fun, there’s also an option to bet on politicians and entertainment odds with the sportsbook at BetOnline.

Can I Bet On My Phone At BetOnline?

Yes, using BetOnline’s mobile site allows any of their users to make their bets 24 hours a day from anywhere in New Jersey and the rest of the USA. The best part is that this service is offered and will work on most cellular and smart devices, from iPhones and Androids to Amazon tablets and even Blackberry handsets! If you’re busy and always on the go, it’s possible to make your wagers on your favorite teams while at the office or in the john. Wipe up the competition as you collect the winnings from your sports betting in New Jersey!