Review Of 5Dimes

New Jersey is home to the great Atlantic City, known the world over for being a betting paradise. You can walk down the street at any time of the day or night and find a casino that offers a completely different experience than the last. You might notice, however, that there is a certain thing missing; a sportsbook. This 5Dimes review will explain why 5Dimes is a premier legal sportsbook for residents to enjoy sports betting in New Jersey, and it is only found online. You see, there are certain laws in America that restrict sports betting establishments from operating in most states in the nation. That is why New Jersey residents are very lucky to have 5Dimes as an option.

You might have a hard time believing that the best sportsbooks are found online. While it’s true that Nevada has some great legal sports betting action, the insane lack of convenience really cramps its style. Unless you live in or near Nevada, you will not have a legal sports betting option in a convenient distance. 5Dimes offers a world-class sportsbook to New Jersey residents, as well as players from all over the US, and they don’t even have to leave their homes. There has never been a better time to be a part of the online sports betting revolution.

Many of you might be new to legal online sports betting in New Jersey. Do not fear, signing up is simple, and 5Dimes has some of the best tutorials in the world. If you don’t know the difference between a straight bet and a parlay, or a point spread and a money line, do not worry. A quick run through the “getting started” section will have you betting like a pro in no time. This review is going to take a look at the ins and outs of 5Dimes, showing you exactly why this site is our favorite. You will understand how 5Dimes operates legally for New Jersey residents, as well as the safety standards that are in place.

Is It Legal To Bet At A Sports Betting Sites In New Jersey?

5Dimes SportsbookYes, 5Dimes is a legal sports betting site. There is one law in particular that does affect betting on sports in the US, but 5Dimes operates out of the country in San Jose, Costa Rica. Because of this, the law does not apply to 5Dimes. There is not a restriction on bettors for placing bets on 5Dimes, simply put anyone in New Jersey or anywhere else in the US, can place bets at overseas wagering sites and not break the law.

The law that I keep referring to is the Wire Act of 1961. The Wire Act was originally passed to keep “gangsters” or “mobsters” from using their organized crime connections to influence sports events and games, their players or leagues, and the hosts, coaches, organizers. These mobsters killed and threatened athletes, bookies, and league owners to force them to make profits for their organized crime rings and syndicates. To help stop the flow and grip of these criminals they passed the Wire Act. The Wire Act made it a crime to transfer funds, and wagering information over wire communication over state lines. This law has been amended since the 1960’s several times and in recent years, there has been legislation to restore the Wire Act to its original language. The original language of the law to be restored was the Restoration of America’s Wire Act or RAWA. There are many opponents to this law and many feel that this law is old and outdated, because it passed before the invention of the internet, and therefore should no longer apply. As the law stands today, it will not affect those that wish to bet online at overseas betting sites.

Is It Safe For New Jersey Residents To Use 5Dimes?

It is safe for New Jersey residents to place sports bets at 5Dimes. 5Dimes has built an impeccable reputation with its players as well as endorsements from major sports betting sites. 5Dimes is a trustworthy site that builds a relationship with players and has customer service representatives standing by to answer any question or concern. 5Dimes doesn’t just cater to US players but also from around the world and its members number is the millions. In New Jersey alone 5Dimes has member numbers in the hundred- thousands. Safety is the top priority of 5Dimes, they employ only the best IT security team, and have very rigorous security protocols that they follow to the letter. Utilizing the most sophisticated of firewall and encryption technology and software, that makes them virtually invincible to hackers. 5Dimes is a fully regulated and licensed betting site and keeps with the same level of standard as any other reputable and safe business.

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Has Anyone Ever Been Arrested For Betting At 5dimes In New Jersey?

As far as I could see there have been no arrests linked to sports betting sites in New Jersey. So no, no one has been prosecuted for placing bets with 5Dimes. However, there is a law known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act or PASPA. This is the reason that sports betting is restricted. States like Delaware and Nevada were “grandfathered” in after the law was enacted because they already has sports betting law of their own in affect. Many opponents and critics of PASPA say that it discriminates against the rest of the states by allowing Delaware and Nevada to have sports betting, while no other states can. Legislation that challenges the rulings of PASPA is already in the works, so soon sports betting will be available in other states.

If You Bet Your Money At A Sportbook In New Jersey, Is It Safe?

When you deposit your money at 5Dimes you have peace of mind that you are getting what you are paying for, and that your choice was right. Lets speak in hypotheticals for a minute, if you were to buy a ticket to fly to Las Vegas from New Jersey you would be spending at least $800 just on the ticket. That would not include, transportation, food, somewhere to sleep, or even money to gamble. So, we are talking about thousands of dollars already. You may or may not have a great time, and in the end is it really worth it? You could use those thousands of dollars placing bets and winning even more money on New Jersey sports betting sites instead.

Will I Get Any Bonuses For Betting with 5Dimes?

All new players using the great sports betting websites in New Jersey are going to receive some kind of bonuses just for signing up. 5dimes has reduced juice and that value is a bonus. The costs of placing bets with 5Dimes is cheaper. In addition, they’ll give the highest matches with the options of earning up to $520 in free-play rewards for Sportsbook deposits. The rollover bonuses are easy to get, just place bets online using the sportsbook and the rewards will roll on in.

It’s valuable to mention that not only are there rewarding programs for the sportsbook, but 5dimes offers a wide number of bonuses on its casino and poker rooms. Even if you’re not doing any sports betting in New Jersey, you can still get more bang for your buck by going online instead of traveling around the country. Sign on to 5dimes today and check out their promotions page for all the offers you can get by signing up.

5Dimes Offers Fantastic Customer Service

There’s a customer service for a New Jersey sports betting site that is a cut above all the rest. 5dimes has an amazing support staff that offers 24 hour a day service. This legal sports betting site in New Jersey will allow anyone to call one of their toll free numbers to speak with an operator at 5dimes that will help you reload your account with funds, or process a sports wager. That’s not all, their website is chalked full of information for how to use it, place a wager, and it’s full of tips and tricks for everyone. Their support features are the best and if you can’t find an answer on the website, the live chat features will allow you to connect to a customer service representative instantly. They’re committed to delivering an easy experience for their members to receive top of the line support and get back to gaming faster than ever.

5dimes Live In-Play Sports Betting Options

There are live in-play wagering options from 5dimes that offers a chance to do sports betting in New Jersey while at the stadium watching the game, or at the office on your mobile phone. Check the Straight & RIF section to see the options for Live In-Play betting. There are limits to the live in play lines, and they are $500 on 5dimes, but the lines are updated every commercial break and offered during televised semifinals and finals. It’s important to note the kind of bet being placed using a live service. The lines available include all types of straight wagers, if bets, and parlays. Some of the bets placed during live events will take into consideration the score of the game and not just the score of a half, for example.